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Take-Out Menu

Ask about our daily lunch & dessert specials
Poppies will personally deliver all catering orders 

Poppies Bakery

Assorted Rugalach (4 pieces)$4.95

Chocolate, Raspberry, Apricot and Raisin

Fresh Baked Danish$3.95

Fresh Baked Muffins$3.95

Apple Turnover$3.95

Black & White Cookie$3.50

Mini Black & White Cookie$1.75

Fudge Walnut Brownie$3.95

New York Cheesecake Slice$5.95

Miniature Cheesecake (serves 2)$7.95

Strawberry, Marble or Blueberry Cheesecake Slice$7.95

Carrot Cake$5.95

Chocolate Blackout Cake$5.95

Apple Pie$4.95

Chocolate Eclair$4.95

Linzer Tart$3.95

An Egg-Cellent Way to Start Your Day


Two jumbo eggs any style.
Homefries or Grits. bagel, bialy or toast, butter or cream cheese.

Available till 11:00am

Two Eggs Any Style$8.25

With ham or 3 strips of bacon or 3 links of sausage, home fries or grits and your choice of bagel, bialy or toast.

Matzoh Brei

Original plain matzo brei $8.95
with nova & onions $13.95
with onions $9.95

Corned Beef Hash & Eggs$11.50

With home fries, bagel, bialy or toast


Lox, eggs & onions with home fries or grits & bagel, bialy or toast


Nova, eggs & onions with home fries or grits & bagel, bialy or toast.

Canadian Bacon & Eggs$10.95

With home fries or grits, bagel, bialy or toast

Ham Steak and Eggs$10.95

With home fries or grits, bagel, bialy or toast

Served with Syrup Specialties

Challah French Toast$8.95

Almond French Toast$11.95

Three Buttermilk Pancakes$8.95

Pancakes with Ham, Bacon or Sausage$10.95

Silver Dollar Pancakes$9.95

Pecan, Banana or Blueberry Pancakes$10.95


Ham & Cheese Omelette$10.25

American, Swiss or Muenster Omelette$9.25

Sauteed Onion or Fresh Spinach Omelette$9.25

Fresh Spinach, Mushroom & Swiss$10.75

Vegetable Omelette$10.50

Spanish Omelette$10.50

Western Omelette$10.50

Green Pepper, Onion & Ham

Bacon, Sausage, Salami or Ham Omelette$9.75

Hard Salami Omelette $11.95

Deli Omelette$11.95

Tongue, corned beef & pastrami

Greek Omelette$10.75

Burrito Brunch Wraps

Served with a fresh fruit cup

The Traditional$10.95

Scrambled eggs with bacon or sausage and cheddar cheese

The Vegetarian$10.95

Scrambled eggs with fresh spniach, mushrooms and cheddar cheese

The Deli Lover$10.95

Scrambled eggs with corned beef hash

The Greek Athlete$11.95

Scrambled egg whites with fresh spinach, tomato and feta cheese


Half Pint Grits$4.95

Half Pint Oatmeal$4.95

Bacon, Sausage or Ham$4.50

Corned Beef Hash$6.50

Home Fries$5.95

Fried Onion Rings with Sauce$5.95

Sweet Potato Fries$5.25

French Fries$4.25

Bagel And...

Bagel And Cream Cheese or Butter$2.75

Scallion or vegetable

Bagel And Cream Cheese Sandwich$3.75

Bagel And Lox Spread Sandwich$4.50

Bagel And Cream Cheese & Nova or Lox$12.95

Bagel And 2 Eggs, Scrambled or Fried$4.95

Bagel And 2 Eggs, Scrambled or Fries, with Cheese$5.50

Bagel And 2 Eggs, Scrambled or Fried with Bacon or Ham$6.75

Bagel And 2 Eggs, Scrambled or Fried, with Cheese & Bacon or Ham$7.95

Homemade Salad Sandwiches

All salad sandwiches are served with lettuce, tomato your choice of coleslaw or potato salad & pickle.

Chopped Egg Salad

Sandwich $8.95 | Platter $10.95

Chicken Salad (with dill)

Sandwich $10.95 | Platter $12.95

Tuna Salad

Sandwich $10.95 | Platter $12.95

Chopped Chicken Liver

Sandwich $9.95 | Platter $11.95

Whitefish Salad

Sandwich $12.95 | Platter $14.95

Baked Salmon Salad

Sandwich $12.95 | Platter $14.95

Chopped Herring

Sandwich $8.95 | Platter $10.95

Shrimp Salad

Sandwich $12.95 | Platter $14.95

Overstuffed Sandwiches

On seeded rye bread with cole slaw & pickle 

Add extra lean $1.00
Add any cheese $1.50
Make any sandwich New York sized for $3.00 additional

Hot Corned Beef$13.50

Hot Pastrami$13.50

Roast Beef$13.50


Hot Brisket$13.50

Frame White Meat Turkey$13.50


Hard Salami$14.25

Black Forest Ham & Swiss Cheese$13.50

Combination of Two Meats$14.25

Any combination with frame... additional $1.00
Any combination with tongue... additional $1.00

Sandwiches from our Grill

With Choice of Coleslaw or Potato Salad and Pickle
(Excludes hot dogs, knishes, and blintzes)

*Take Out Orders Include Your Choice of Coleslaw or Potato Salad and Pickle but do not include Potato Pancake or French Fries*

Rachel or Reuben$14.95

Turkey Reuben$14.95

Poppies BLT$10.95

Grilled Cheese$7.95

Grilled Cheese & Tomato$8.95

Grilled Ham & Cheese$10.95

Grilled Cheese, Bacon & Tomato$11.50

Tuna Melt$12.95

Patty Melt$13.95

Turkey BLT$14.95

Hot Dog with Sauerkraut$5.95

Hot Dog with Saurerkraut & French Fries$6.95

Our Homemade Knishes Potato, Kasha or Spinach$4.95

Poppies Best Potato Pancakes$8.95

Served with applesauce or sour cream

Three Cheese Blintzes$9.95

Served with applesauce or sour cream.


Your choice of whole wheat, spinach, or challah wrap served with a fresh fruit cup.

Greek Wrap$11.95

Feta cheese, chopped tomato, romaine lettuce, cucumber & green pepper

Egg Salad BLT$11.95

Bacon, lettuce & tomato

Turkey & Avocado$14.95

Bacon, lettuce, & tomato

Roast Beef$13.95

Cheddar cheese, lettuce, sweet roasted red pepper & tomato

Tuna or Chicken Salad$11.95

Lettuce & tomato


Chive cream cheese & tomato

Chicken Fajita Wrap$12.95

Sauteed onion & pepper

Hummus & Chopped Israeli Salad$10.95

The Best Burgers from our Charbroiler

With french fries, coleslaw, onion & pickle.

Poppies Deluxe Burgers$11.95

Cheese Burger$12.95

Impossible Veggie Burger with Sweet Potato Fries$15.95

Mushroom & Onion Burger$13.95

Bacon Cheese Burger$14.95

Turkey Burger$11.95

Soups To Go

Call us for today's special soup.

Chicken Noodle, Mushroom Barley

Pt $5.95 | Qt $8.95

Chicken Matzoh Ball

Pt $5.95 | Qt $9.50

Soup of the Day

Pt $5.95 | Qt $8.95


Freshly Brwed Coffee, Reg. or Decaf

$2.35 | $2.95 | $4.95

Hot Tea, Reg., Decaf or Green$2.95

Iced Tea or Iced Coffee

$2.95 | $4.95 Jumbo

Canned Soda$2.25

Dr. Browns$2.50


Almond Milk$2.95

Chocolate Milk$2.95

Hot Chocolate $2.75

Bottled Water$1.50

Vitamin Water$2.50

Poppies is not responsible for errors or omissions. Prices subject to change without notice.